Exploring London #1 ~ Old East Village


This afternoon my flatmates, Jill and Cyriëlla, and I took two buses to a downtown area of London called Old East Village; this is the emerging cultural quarter of London with a large farmers’ market, artisan shops and veggie friendly restaurants, which I was very happy to discover!

Rainbow coloured zebra crossing brightened up my day!

We found an artisan cheese shop where I managed to find some veggie friendly, Canadian aged cheddar, and Cyr bought some Dutch Gouda, which she has been missing since being here. Then we came across an old fashioned bakery where they bake with flour from the last working Canadian flour mill, and with no additives or preservatives which seem to be in everything here. Of course we couldn’t leave empty handed, especially after it turned out the owners were originally from the Netherlands and chatted away to Jill and Cyriëlla in their rusty Dutch, so we bought the most rustic, crustiest and seediest looking loaf they had.

The Root Cellar

The Root Cellar is one veggie friendly restaurant that has been recommended to me by a friend, and it looks really cool from the outside, I was happy to stumble across it whilst we were wandering around the area.

Happy customers all round, and we will definitely be returning to visit the Saturday farmers’ market soon!



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