Weekend in Toronto


Graffiti, shopping, pancakes, protest, CN Tower and ice cream = perfect overnight trip.

My flat mates and I spent Friday and Saturday seeing the big city lights of Toronto, which is around two hours by bus from London.

We visited the cultural quarter/hipster area of Toronto around Queen St. and Spadina, where we found Graffiti Alley, and lots of cute independent cafes and shops.

Art appreciation in Graffiti Alley

After we had our dose of culture, we couldn’t resist heading to the shops! The Eaton Centre is so huge, it took us hours to appreciate all the beautiful things we could buy…

After making numerous half price Hollister purchases (thank you exchange rate), we headed to to food court for burritos mmmmm…

After dinner and a drink at Toronto’s Hard Rock Cafe we eventually got a cab to our hostel: the Toronto Travellers’ Home. We actually went to the wrong address, as we didn’t realise they have two addresses (the other hostel is the Chinatown Traveller’s Home). Eventually we arrived and found our room, which was basic but very clean, I would definitely recommend.


On the Saturday, after breakfast at Denny’s, and crossing the path of a protest against the ivory trade, we arrived at the CN tower. Seeing this protest affirmed my preconceptions of Toronto, of motivated students, hipsters and world lovers making their voice heard and living off artisan produce.


Once we got through the big queue and paid $40, the view from almost half a km up at the top of the CN Tower was fabulous, there was a perfect big blue sky so we could see for miles all around. The world’s first established glass floor experience (1994) was pretty impressive too!


To top off the Toronto experience, we couldn’t do anything but visit Sweet Jesus ice cream parlour, which is just down the road from the CN Tower, the photo speaks for itself…




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