Module snapshot: exploring the city

“Land Use and Development Issues” is one of the modules I am studying this semester, it is run by Jason Gilliand, Head of the Urban Geography Department: in the first two weeks we have been learning about downtown development, and heritage preservation and urban development.

In two lectures we have taken the short bus trip downtown to meet with representatives of the Downtown London organisation, Innovation Works, and the Pillar Non Profit network. We have been shown some great projects with the aim of revitalising downtown London by attracting reliable residents and modern retail companies. Additionally we were shown some heritage buildings that councillors want to protect, but developers want to demolish in order to use the land to build high-rise buildings, after all London’s aim is to “build up, not out”.

It is great to get out of the classroom to learn in the environment we are studying, especially when the weather is so beautiful!

Some pictures of downtown London:

Hassan Law

The Hassan Law firm have restored this building in the Downtown London Heritage Conservation District, they are very proud of the renovations so allow the public to go inside to inspire others to preserve heritage in the downtown area.

Other pretty historic buildings hidden in the downtown area:


Who knew there was so much heritage in this new city!


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