Western Outdoors Club ~ Algonquin Canoeing Trip 7th – 10th October

In order to fully immerse myself in student life during my exchange, I decided I should probably try and make some friends outside of my residence… so I decided to join the Western Outdoors Club, so I can be social and outdoorsy at the same time!

After securing a place on the trip, some of my exchange friends realised what they had let themselves in for! Many without even the basics including hiking boots and a waterproof coat, but we ventured on and it was a great trip had by all!

It took us around 6 hours to drive from London to Algonquin Park, a relatively short trip for the Canadians on the trip. For us Europeans it was a very long car ride! Once we had arrived we decided to go for a swim in the lake, it was very dark and cold so it was only a quick dip before running for the sauna that was at the outfitters’ lodge site. A bit of make-shift luxury in the wilderness.

The canoeing was so much fun, despite being very tiring at times! We camped on little islands in the middle of a big lake, the group spread out across a few camp sites. We could reach the next island’s camp site by going over some stepping stones across a marsh, that was interesting to find on the way home in the dark!

The islands were so remote, I feel so lucky I’ve had the opportunity to go there as so few people will ever visit that area, unless they are prepared to canoe for 5 hours to get there!

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and I’m so glad we all experienced a small part of the “real Canada” even though we didn’t see any moose or bears… which is probably a good thing in hindsight.

I thought it would be best to show the weekend off in this series of pictures: enjoy x

Cyriella with her huge canoe pack, ready for an adventure!
Warming up by the campfire before setting off away from civilisation for a few days. 
The dream team setting off down the river! 
Chilled canoe to find the waterfalls on the Sunday “rest day”
A portaging shot from the Sunday on the hunt for waterfalls… In this photo we are not our 50l rucksacks on our backs but for the other portages we were fully laden down! 
Watching the sunset after a relaxing Sunday after doing some easy canoeing, seeing waterfalls and chilling out.
Another shot of the beaut sunset with everyone looking very happy and chilled!
Monday: nearly back to the outfitters after a brilliant weekend!




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