Making the most of every day: Toronto Christmas Market

My exchange student friends and I visited Toronto last weekend to get into the Christmas spirit! There was such a nice atmosphere, it was a lovely break just before the craziness of final projects and exams, which we’re now in the midst of. Since being on exchange I’ve really tried to make the most of every day and do fun things alongside my studying. It’s so important to reach a balance, something I’m going to try and maintain when I get back to Southampton. In the first two years living in Southampton I didn’t plan my time properly and ended up unproductively studying every day whereas now I know that if I plan fun things then I have to focus and study more intensely. Going on exchange has really made me prioritise and reevaluate my daily life.

Beautiful Christmas tree at the Distillery District Christmas Market with my flatmates Cyriëlla and Jill xxx
Old friends in a new place!
My first pretzel!
Exploring the Yorkville area of Toronto
Margaritas all round!

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