Post exam celebrations

I am writing this blog post back in the familiar surroundings Hartley Library whilst working on my masters application and dissertation. I feel like I am back at my old school as I wander around Highfield campus again.

Thinking back to some of my final memories of Canada, one that really sticks is the few hours of skiing I managed to squeeze in. After my last exam on 17th December three friends joined me to travel to Boler Mountain Resort on the outskirts of London to go skiing!  This was the best release I could have asked for after the stress of exams and the continuous assessment all the way through the semester.

Watch the video of our fun evening on the piste here!

A great part of this experience is the fact that I finished all my exams before Christmas so I have been able to enjoy the holidays in true style and now have time to focus on my dissertation for a few weeks before the last semester of my undergraduate degree commences.

Still to come: Readjusting to Southampton life and Reflections on the Canadian Experience.




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